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enable checkbox setting

As a Web Developer, I should Add a Checkbox

I am dedicated to staying sane.  Sanity is not an option. But providing options may save your sanity, if you are a web developer.  Clients will rarely ask for the ability to turn something on and off.  Instead, they will describe the feature’s settings and appearance, but inevitably they will forget to tell you to… Continue Reading

Broken Flag Pole

How long does it take to fix software?

Today, I searched for “urgent security fix timeline software development” and found this article from 2017. It was the second result in my search. Google did a good job with the search results, as usual. I find this article on “The Coming Software Apocalypse” immensely interesting. In 2017, it took 6 hours to fix a… Continue Reading

How to Solve Software Bugs with Wrappers

It is possible to spend many hours and days trying to figure out WHY a bug occurs. Lately, I’ve decided that the fine detail of why the bug occurs doesn’t matter in some cases. That’s right, it doesn’t matter. All you need is a deep understanding of the problem.

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Technical Leadership

Put out the fire first.

Listening to some podcast which I’ve long since forgotten the name of, I heard a top executive talk about how there was always the fire of the day to put out. Surprisingly, this small comment changed how I thought about my work.  It’s not just about putting out the fire of the day, but also… Continue Reading

The Best Code is the Code you don’t write

Earlier in my software development career, I would get an assignment and eagerly jump into writing the code.  Hours later — after frustration and then the joys of success — I had the code done. Writing the code was a learning experience for me — I got better at programming the more I practiced —… Continue Reading

Success with Prosopagnosia

Prosopagnosia (Face Blindness) Coping Strategies

Prosopagnosia is the inability to recognize faces.  Also known as “Face blindness.”  There are varying degrees.  Some people can’t even recognize their immediate family’s faces.  Other people have a more mild case where it’s hard to recognize people that they see infrequently, or follow a movie plot when actors are dressed similarly. I’ve been working… Continue Reading

What matters the most to you?

The only way we really increase our productivity is by choosing what to spend our time on.  Prioritization is what makes scrum teams more effective, and prioritization is the most important part of time management. Do the right things for the right reasons. And, the only way to do the right things, is to decide… Continue Reading

How to get a Remote Programming Job

Is working remotely important to you? Do you want to work from home? Or do you want to live the digital nomad lifestyle? A good programmer may be an introvert or a traveler, and more companies are figuring out that it doesn’t matter if their employees don’t live near each other — what matters is finding talent. Wherever it is.