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Hello! 👋   My name is Linnea Huxford.  I’m a Principal Software Lead and Product Owner at Alley, a digital agency, where I lead software development and collaborate with clients and my team to build the right solutions.

My skills range from solving challenging technical issues to people management.

Alley is a fully remote company, so I have a lot of experience in software development and management in a distributed environment.  I love planning work and making strategic decisions to increase team happiness and deliver better solutions.

I joined Alley over five years ago as a backend focused software developer, after learning PHP/MySQL.  I am a self taught developer.  I have a natural ability for understanding code, that first appeared in Middle School when I helped my science teacher solve an issue, and had a summer job to help teach the science teachers how to use computer peripherals like light sensors, motion sensors, and the related software.

I studied Neuroscience and Behavior in college and have a general interest in science.  I even use the scientific method to solve software problems.

I love solving mysteries and learning new things!  I also enjoy teaching others and helping developers to grow.  I am interested in security and test driven development.

I have a deep understanding of web architecture and know how to make a system more reliable and simpler.  I work with PHP, Javascript, Node.js, HTTP, WordPress and related technologies.

Prior to spending time in the PHP and WordPress world, I spent time learning Java and took courses that used other technology and languages including R and Ruby on Rails.

Although my professional experience is in web technology, I’m curious about data science, big data, machine learning, and AI.

You can find me here mostly, and also on Twitter, Github, and LinkedIn.