About Me

Hello! My name is Linnea Huxford, and I am a Principal Software Architect at Alley, a leading digital agency. I’m located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the USA.

With over eight years of experience at Alley, I have honed my skills in both solving complex technical challenges and managing people. My expertise spans across various domains, including software development, team leadership, and strategic planning in a fully remote environment. I am passionate about creating efficient workflows and making strategic decisions that enhance team satisfaction and deliver superior results.

My Story

My journey in software development began as a self-taught developer with a natural aptitude for understanding code. This talent was first recognized in middle school when I took on a summer job teaching science teachers how to use computer peripherals like light sensors and motion sensors.

I hold a degree in Neuroscience and Behavior, and my interest in science extends into my professional life, where I apply the scientific method to solve software problems. I thrive on solving mysteries, learning new things, and teaching others.

My technical proficiency includes a deep understanding of web architecture and the ability to make systems more reliable and straightforward. I am skilled in PHP, TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, Elasticsearch, and WordPress, among other technologies. I’ve also built applications in Java and explored other programming languages such as Python, R, and Ruby on Rails.

As an expert in enterprise web development, my professional interests encompass engineering leadership, AI, security, and data science. I am dedicated to continuous learning and growth, both for myself and the developers I mentor.

My Work

Remote Backstop

A safety net for WordPress sites that depend on server-side remote requests. I developed this WordPress plugin in collaboration with my colleagues at Alley Interactive to ensure stability and performance for critical remote operations.

WP 404 Caching

A WordPress plugin designed to provide full-page caching for 404 pages, significantly improving performance and reducing server load. This was initially developed for Alleyvate and has proven to be highly effective in enhancing site efficiency.

New York Post – Principal Architect and Team Lead

As the Principal Architect and Team Lead for the New York Post’s online news delivery platform, I ensure the site’s stability, performance, scalability, and security.

Gutenberg in Action: The New York Post Home Page Redesign

At BigWP 2021, I joined the New York Post team to discuss our collaborative efforts in utilizing Gutenberg’s full-site editing capabilities. See how we transformed a static home page into a dynamic platform, enhancing both content production and visitor engagement.

The Brookings Institute

Engaged in full-stack software development, I have contributed to building robust, scalable solutions that meet the needs of this prestigious think tank.

Contact Me

Write me at Linnea AT linsoftware.com or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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