AKG K92 Headphone Review, Photos and Comparison

AKG K92 Headphones
AKG K92 Headphones

I’ve been enjoying the AKG K92 headphones for about a week, and thought it was time to do a little comparison. I have a lot of headphones to compare to, and while I’m not the best at writing headphone reviews, maybe someone will find my brief notes helpful.

Compared to a modified pair of the Fostex T50RP

I prefer the AKG K92 headphones because they have more detail than the Fostex, better timbre, and are far more efficient.  On my Teac UD-H01 USB Audio DAC, I have to set the dial at the 12 o’clock position for the Fostex’s, while the AKG’s achieve the same volume level around the 10 o’clock position.

Compared to the Audio-technica ATH-A700X:

I can’t decide which I like better, as the sound is very different, and it would depend on the music and my mood which one I would prefer. The AKGs sound flatter than the ATH-A700X. The Audi-Technica ATH-A700X’s have a wider soundstage and also more treble. The extra treble provides more detail but can sometimes sound harsh.

Compared to the Digitech Pro Headphones (aka Fischer Audio FA-003 / Brainwavz HM5 Studio Monitor):

The AKG K92 headphones sound very similar to the Digitech headphones to me.  You may be familiar with the Digitechs as they are sold under a few different brand names (see above).  While I had trouble differentiating the sound, my husband says that the AKGs have more top end sparkle.

Compared to the Gemini DJ HSR-1000 Professional Monitoring Headphones:

I prefer the AKGs, as they have a much wider soundstage.

Compared to the Akai MPC Professional Headphones

The Akai MPC are the only ones I’ve listened to that without a doubt beat the AKGs on the audiophile sound quality 🙂 While the Akai are the clear winner in sound, the AKGs are more comfortable. The Akai has far more depth and the music seems to convey more emotion. I can hear the room acoustics very well.  As I write this, I would have to say that the Akai MPCs are my current all-time favorite, but I’m sure that will change in the future.  However, the price point is quite different.

For your information, the Akai MPC are the same as the M-Audio HDH-50 and Denon HP2000 DJ Headphones.

AKG K92 Positives

  • Low cost compared to other headphones of similar audio quality
  • Large Ear Openings
  • Wide soundstage for a closed headphone
  • A true pleasure to listen with!
  • Lightweight
  • Self-adjusting

AKG K92 Negatives

  • 3 Meter non-detachable cord  (if walking around, cord gets in the way)

My Conclusion

For the current retail price of $59.99, the AKG K92 are a great deal!  Whether they will stay at that price as more people discover their quality, is anyone’s guess.  Most of the headphones I compared them to usually retail for over $100.   I find them very comfortable to wear and my only non-sound complaint is that the cord is not detachable and it’s too long at times.  The sound quality is quite good and the sound stage is wider than you’d expect for a closed set of headphones.  They seem to “enjoy” all types of music.

More Info: AKG K92 Headphone Earpad Dimensions

My husband has large ears and some over-ear headphones aren’t big enough for him.  We were unable to find the dimensions prior to purchasing, so for your information, the ear opening has a circular opening with an approximate 2.5″ diameter.  

Interested in AKG’s other affordable studio headphones?

The AKG K92 are part of AKG’s new line-up of AKG Project Studio Headphones. The other models are the K52 and K72.  This new product line-up is aimed at combining pro quality sound, style, and affordability.  If you’re looking for an under-$50 pair, you may consider the AKG K72 which have the same driver.  We chose the K92 because for just a $10 price difference, you get better construction, better earpads, and extended frequency range.

Anyone else try these headphones?

They are new to the AKG product line up for this year (2016) and there aren’t many reviews. Perhaps you can take a few moments to share your thoughts.

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One comment

  1. After about 2 months with theses headphones I think I’ve got a good impression.

    To me they seem mid focused, and because of that they sometimes overpower the treble. However they still retain the akg signature sound. Other than that they seem to have a pretty flat response.

    The soundstage is a bit narrow compared to other akg headphones, but still have some form of depth, enough to notice.

    In terms of build quality they are solid. Even though they use quite a bit of plastic, the plastic doesn’t feel that cheap. Pairing with the metal headband along with the suspension system.

    Comfort is a little so-so. The headstrap and the clamping force can apply a little too much pressure. (however this can be a good thing, so it stays on the head better.) The ear pads are cushiony enough, but they are a bit shallow.

    Overall I like them, might look for deeper pads to make them more comfortable.

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