Does SEO hurt your writing style?

I have a secret love for SEO. Well. Not really. But, once upon a time, I made a bunch of money from getting a lot of traffic from google, so I do know a bit about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

That said, if you just want to write, doing SEO research is the way to kill your writing.

If you want to write because you have a desire to share your story, then just write.   Tell your story.

Don’t research the best keywords to use.  If you do that, what you read will change what you would have written, and you may lose your uniqueness.

Instead, do the keyword research afterwards…. Obviously part of “sharing your story” is the “sharing” part.  You need traffic, and search engines are one awesome source of traffic.  But don’t confuse the sharing with the telling.  Tell your story.  Then work on getting traffic.

Any thoughts on SEO and writing?

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