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Don’t build a dashboard from scratch (use WordPress)

Most programs require some sort of dashboard.  Reading over an article I wrote from 2016, I described an “Arbitrage” program that I built.  What would I have done differently if I were to build that today?  I would have used WordPress.

I’d use a custom post type to store the data and use the Fieldmanager Plugin to spin up custom dashboard features.  If my application was data intensive, I’d hook up to Elasticsearch using SearchPress.

Building something from scratch takes a long time.  It’s a great way to learn, but it’s not the smart way to get something out the door in a short time.

The default WordPress dashboard looks 100x better than what I spun up with bootstrap CSS and has 1,000,000x more features than what I had.

I’ve built 2 none-WordPress dashboards in PHP.  However, I don’t plan to do it again.

With the WordPress REST API, you can just use WordPress for the database and dashboard (user management built in!), and connect it with Node apps or Python or whatever else you need for your application.

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