Last night, I enjoyed googling “Where is Santa?”

Here were the results. This was Christmas 2018. I got a little confused because Google found Santa to be in Canada while NORAD found him in Pennsylvania, and Google’s Santa had delivered more toys, but 2018 Santa is a once in a lifetime magical occurrence, so I’ll accept these inconsistencies.

Since I giggled at the results and love seeing how tech (and search!) changes year to year, I’ve saved some screenshots, which I will post publicly here, for other Santa searchers and future Santa tracker developers.

Also got a giggle at the Trump news story and the NORAD being unaffected by the government shutdown. Oh my, what do today’s children think of all of this?!

Google search results on my Android “smart” phone. Remember when some phones weren’t smart? Christmas makes you nostalgic…
There was an animation of Santa putting toys down the chimney! And travel guides if you scroll down.

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