I found Stash Tea in Bulk on Amazon!

I bought boxes of stash tea and made my own selection!

I’m familiar with the “Stash” brand of tea.  I used to buy it at the grocery store, on sale, one box was $2.50, for 20 bags.  It is always reliably delicious.  Having moved to a rural area recently, I’ve been buying more of my food on Amazon, and was surprised to see a great deal on Stash tea — if you buy it in bulk!

I’ve now got cardboard boxes full of high quality herbal, black, and green tea!

Bulk tea arrives in brown boxes.

That’s right, Amazon is selling the same great tea, but in boxes of 100.  Each box is between $12-$18.  The tea is individually wrapped in foil lined bags, but comes lose in a cardboard box.

Being a frugal person and a deal lover, I knew this would be my source of tea!

The problem here is which flavor to buy!  Here’s what I chose:

Chai Tea

This spicy black tea is a great treat hot or cold!  I often make iced tea from chai tea.  I use 4-5 bags per pitcher.  They also sell Double Spiced Chai Tea which is extra spicy, and good if you want to make more tea with less bags, although I stick with the regular single spiced one because I prefer that for hot tea.

I’m making iced tea! I fill the pitcher about halfway with water, add the tea bags (after cutting off the tags), and heat in the microwave until hot. Then I fill the rest of the pitcher up with ice! Easy! Man, I love microwaves and tea. And ice.  So refreshing!

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint is so soothing for tummies!  A delicious minty flavor, I always like peppermint!  If I eat a meal that has too much fat, I can reliably turn to peppermint to make my stomach feel better.  Its minty flavor makes any boring water taste good!

Premier Green Tea

I like green tea for its medicinal properties.  This one tastes good; it’s not bitter at all.

Green tea contains Catechins, which are antioxidants, and according to sites like WebMD, it might have health benefits like lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, and increasing blood flow.

Chamomile Tea

I fell in love with chamomile tea in college.  It’s famous for its anti-anxiety calming properties.  My friend said “it’s just tea” when I complained once that it wasn’t working well enough.  Well, fast forward to today, this tea is still helpful when feeling anxious or stressed.  I’ve been making a habit of drinking it in the evening, for calmness before sleep.   The main issue with chamomile tea in general is that some brands taste like hay or are tasteless, but the Stash brand tastes good to me.

Bulk Stash tea arrives in a box!

Whether you like black tea, green tea, or herbal tea, you’ll likely find a flavor from Stash that will be too tempting to not try!

Some of the other flavors that Amazon sells in bulk, which are on my wish list, are:

Just to name a few.

With this abundance of tea, I’m thinking about putting some in Christmas gift boxes this year.   I want to share my love for tea!  It helps me to stay hydrated and healthy.  I generally drink it without any sugar too, so it’s calorie free and doesn’t effect my blood sugar!  Yay!  As someone with diabetes, that’s always something I have to think about.  Tea for the win! 🙂

Are you a fan of Stash Tea? What's your favorite flavor?

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