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Monitoring Website Downtime for Free

I’ve been using Uptime Robot to keep track of my site uptime for years now.  I’ve been asked before “Does it work?” and my answer is a resounding “Hell, yes!”

It’s a great business idea, and well executed.  They’re doing everything correctly, as far as I can tell.   They monitor up to 50 sites for free, then sell upgrades to that service.  But they make the free service really, really good.

For free, they check the sites every 5 minutes, and offer all kinds of checks, so you can check to see if a specific string on the site exists.

They send you a very polite email whenever the site goes up or down.  It’s just perfect.


The monitor YOUR WEBSITE ( is back UP (HTTP 200 - OK) (It was down for 2 hours, 21 minutes and 31 seconds).

Have a great day,

Uptime Robot

Way to Go Uptime Robot! That’s one robot doing its job well.

P.S.  Are you looking for a reliable web host?  I’ve been using Siteground for years.  I like them because they have very little downtime, and whenever I’ve had an issue, customer support has been very fast and helpful.  They offer some very cheap shared hosting plans and do some special things for WordPress sites, like automatically keeping WordPress up to date, which is very important for security.  I switched to them after dealing with some bad hosts, and glad I did!


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