Sometimes when you want to learn something new, it’s hard to know where to start.  Here are some books and links that I’ve found helpful. If you want to achieve expert knowledge, you need to have a solid understanding of the basics first.  Advancing your career means hard work and overcoming obstacles.  Buying a few books or a membership to an educational site is a small price to pay.  Most people give up when the going gets hard.  Learning from professionals makes it all a bit easier.


Murach's MySQL BookMurach’s MySQL, 2nd Edition – Recommended Book

I’ve read this book, twice, and refer to it often.  It’s unique in that it’s both a tutorial and a reference book.  It uses an example customer database that one would find in a business situation and it shows you how to write all kinds of queries with real-life examples.  The book’s content is broad, but it’s more aimed at programmers than database administrators.  If your goal is to learn how to write complex queries, this book will save you time.  It covers transactions, functions, procedures, foreign keys, subqueries, joins, and more.  One caution though, it does not cover all of the information found on the UpWork tests.


Here are helpful articles for wordpress plugin developers.

Best way to initiate a class in a WP plugin?

How to Sell Premium WordPress Plugins 

How to Build WordPress Widgets Like a Pro

Admin Notices in WordPress

WordPress Settings API Tutorial with Examples

Yoast: The anatomy of the WordPress theme

Tuts+ Anatomy of a WordPress Plugin

Mike Jolley: Developing for WordPress? Keep your shit secure

WordPress Beginning: Tutorials

Setup a WordPress Multisite

Javascript Patterns


These the books that I’ve personally bought.

JavaScript: The Good Parts

JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual

JavaScript Patterns

Online Books and Training Sites – Very helpful training videos on WordPress, PHP, Javascript, Photoshop, and Web Development.  Monthly subscription but you may be able to access it through your local library for free.

Coursera – Take free classes from top universities.  Earn certificates.  They have courses on programming, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and computer science.

Safari Books Online – Access tech books and exclusive videos.  Subscription.

PackT Publishing – Tech instructional ebooks and videos. Subscription.

CSS: The Missing Manual (2015)


CSS: The Missing Manual

Find yourself googling web design problems often?  Try reading this book and you’ll understand the cascading nature of style sheets, how to write selectors, and all of the choices for positioning content.

Computer Security

Counter Hack Reloaded: A Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Attacks and Effective Defenses

I am in the middle of reading this book.  It explains security attacks and how to prevent them.  It has rave reviews and I honestly have not been let down.  If you are the type of person that can find a computer book exciting, you might like this one.



Hacker News – Check daily for top tech news and programming articles

SecuriTeam – Security News


General Tech Links

Historical Security Flaws of Popular PHP CMS’s

Stack Exchange Job Listings – Programming and Tech Jobs


Java Programming Books

Head First Java

Head First Design Patterns


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