Tech Podcasts

Because software development is more an obsession than a job for me, I enjoy listening to podcasts, so that I can expand my knowledge and my awareness of what other developers are doing.

Podcasts are a great break from the computer, too.  I spend too much time looking at a screen, so podcasts provide a way that I can continue to learn without more screen time.

Here are the podcasts that I am currently listening to, or have in the past.

The Indie Hackers Podcast – Stories from people who have started their own companies and grown them big!  In-depth interviews and tech advice for entrepreneurs.  Courtland Allen is the host and he always is well prepared and asks key questions.   Stories about people building their business through their blog, bootstrapping a business, and more — interesting stuff — opportunity abounds.

Reply All Podcast – Crazy stories from the ‘net!  Not technical, but rather intriguing true stories full of investigation and suspense!

Developer Tea Podcast – Short podcast episodes with tips and insight for software developers.

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