Eat Waffles, because they’re yummy

Birch Benders Waffle Mixes: Paleo, Protein, and Six Grain Cinnamon

Like many Americans, I got a waffle maker for Christmas.

Around the same time, I found Birch Benders pancake and waffle mixes on Amazon.  And then they showed up at my local Costco!  All of a sudden, Birch Benders were everywhere.

What’s not to like about a company with such a cool name and fun illustrations on their packages?  I loved them from the minute I saw them, and the taste of their waffles did not disappoint me!  I liked them so much, that I bought extra packages, and even sent some as gifts.

The Paleo Mix is My Favorite

The waffle mix that really caught my attention was the Paleo mix, because it’s a low-carb option, perfect for someone with Diabetes.  It contains cassava root flour, along with almond and coconut flours.  It has a lot of fiber, which makes the net carb count only 11 grams per serving.  Regular waffles are a high carbohydrate food, but these Paleo waffles aren’t!  They do taste a bit different from regular waffles, but I find that they’re very delicious with berries on them.

Wait, but, there’s more!

I went waffle crazy over the last few months, I’ve tried the following products:

All of the above are absolutely delicious.  All of them, except for the banana mix, produced thick, fluffy waffles.  The banana one was delicious but it didn’t get firm.  I tried it as pancakes but had similar results.

Mixed Berries and Butter on Protein Waffles

My favorite topping for waffles (and especially for the Paleo mix) is mixed berries!  I buy large bags of frozen mixed berries.  I heat a bowl of the berries up in the microwave until they’re steaming.  Then their berry juices really sink into the waffles!  This really transforms the Paleo waffles.  With such a low number of carbohydrates, I can eat them guilt-free for breakfast or even dinner!  Sometimes I eat turkey bacon and eggs with them, to increase the protein in the meal.

Eating a waffle square.

Maybe I should try fried chicken with them. I think fried chicken and waffles is a southern favorite.

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